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'll make you a bet. if we win tomorrow, i can come home. you said you put me here 'cause i needed care. if i win, that should show you i don't. come on. give me a chance. why do you think i've been doing this? to show you, that's why. what do you say? is it a bet? yeah, dad. it's a bet. dad shouldn't have done that. what did your mom say? he didn't tell her. he said wait till tomorrow. no reason to say anything till we see what happens. if we win tomorrow, she'll leave. i know she will. look, maybe you won't win. it's the combined time, you know. yeah, i know. that's what i've been sitting here thinking about. if i run my best race, we'll probably win. it's a pretty big "if" for you, isn't it? yeah. yeah, it is. i'm stuck right in the middle. if we lose, it'll break granddad's heart. if we win... what do i do? you do what you think is right. that's all any of us can do in this world. it's not easy to do the right thing sometimes, is it? it sure isn't, my friend. it sure isn't. matt. good luck tomorrow. thanks. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side
'll get the car. that's real cute. the only thing you run is something that's got a bet on it. nice day for running. not hot, not cold. no, it's perfect. running! love it! [knock on door] come in. hey, granddad. matt, what are you doing here? i told you i was coming. i brought you a present. oh. what's this? go on. open it. looks pretty good. you didn't touch it. i'm not hungry. maybe that will perk up your appetite. what am i supposed to do with this? walk. i figure we'll take walks together. i haven't got the strength to walk. you and grandma used to walk. that was years ago. that was a year and a half ago. seems like a lifetime. because you stopped everything after grandma died. you stopped living. that's not true. it is, and you know it. is that any way to talk to your grandfather? i'm talking this way because i love you. if people loved me, i wouldn't be here to die. this is where you wait to die. no, it isn't. it is! tell your father i'll die as soon as i can. grandpa, please. come on. go back to your family. i don't belong there anymore. go on. go on. go on! can't sleep, harry? w
. >> i'll fight raj for it. thank you, jim. okay, there's a new super bowl bet that ensures someone is going to be crabby after the game. dianne feinstein and boxer have waged a -- senators will send along crab, napa wine and northern california cheeses if the niners lose. maryland senators would be on the hook for crab cakes, cookies and beer if the niners win. >> okay. this is from the we're not surprised department, apparently the number 7 jersey isn't just lucky for the 49ers, it's creating some big wins. a website reports colin kaepernick's jersey has been the best-selling thankful envelope jersey nationwide, not just here in northern california but nationwide in the past two weeks. those super bowl ads already appearing on your computer, or anything else you're on. why companies aren't waiting until sunday to show their high-priced commercials n. about ten minutes our business and tech reporter scott budman breaks down the logic behind revealing those ads early online. we are your best source for 49ers coverage. we have more journalists on the ground in new orlean
. >> we do like the sunshine. >> absolutely we do. coming up at 11:00, you want to bet on it? there's interesting proposition bets down at the super bowl on sunday. yeah, some of them involve miss bootylicious. >> then fallon on football. the talk show host has a hilarious take on the niners and especially quarterback colin kaepernick. >> your guy. >> my boyfriend. >>> right now plans to extend the stevens creek trail are on the board. a public meeting being held tonight to talk about possible routes for this new trail. the project is a multi-city effort involving sunnyvale, cupertino, los altos and mountainview. tonight's meeting starting at 7:00. and it will be held at the sunnyvale community center grand ballroom. >>> the quest for six draws closer. las vegas does serious business when it comes to the super bowl. >> very creative. some of the most amusing. how about one on beyonce's hairstyle during the half time show. vegas, seriously, offering even odds if it will be either crimped or curly. i think i'm going curly. >>> police also -- police? how about people betting on the col
. and then next weekend, stay tuned. that looks like the best bet foreseeing some rain and cooler temperatures. could see highs next weekend. upper 40s and low 50s. at least that's my forecast. maybe i should ask janelle what she thinks because she's extremely accurate of late. >> spectacular. football fortune teller, we're talking about our own janelle wang for the second 49ers game in a row she predicted the win and point spread. listen to this from our friday at 6:00 newscast. >> we're going to listen and las vegas is going to listen. >> i think it's going to be tighter because they're away. and the falcons have a fierce offense but i think the 9ers, oh, drum roll, the 9ers are going to win by four. four against atlanta. >> by four? >> four. >> okay. seriously? really? comcast sports better watch out. janelle knows what she's talking about. speaking of comcast sports, let's check back in with ahmed fareed. you've got to have a little pressure with janelle right now. >> i wondered what she was doing here standing behind me. >> giving you cues? >> yeah. before she replaces me. all right. the
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the best bet of rain in the forecast. meantime tomorrow morning, sunglasses for your morning commute. during the afternoon, the future cast is showing you hour by hour really no clouds. very unusual to see that this time in january. for the morning, you'll see low 30s, maybe patches of frost toward contra costa county in toward the delta fairfield. mild for san francisco, in the low 40s. 37 tomorrow morning in oakland. the afternoon looking nice. low 70s for another day. we think around santa cruz, 66. mid to upper 60s possible for another day around morgan hill, and areas south of san jose. 65 in pleasanton. about 63 in san francisco. 64 in santa rosa. the first two days of the week will be the warmest days. then come wednesday, a few extra clouds. at least the mornings not quite as cold. we could see a few showers, especially for the north bay. thursday and friday look dry. unfortunately for your weekend plans, looks like next weekend will be the best bet of seeing rain and some fresh snow. it has been a little while. we've been in the mid-winter dry spells. >> time for some rain.
are excited. i think i might have my eye on somebody. >> i bet you do. >> you know what i'm saying? >> she's eyeing you. >> we do want to shout out to barbara walters who is at the age of 83 suffering from what we all consider to be a childhood disease of chickenpox. and she's been hospitalized for more than a week. >> you heard that probably -- i guess it was nine days ago she fell down, and there was i think cindy adams said in the new york post today that she actually -- she didn't slip, she fainted. we don't know from barbara, but, anyway, while this was all going on, it turns out that she got the chickenpox, which people say is so rare among even people over 60, so it's got to be one of those things that is -- >> i bet it's painful too. if it's anything like shingles. we send our love to you, barbara. listen, this is a woman who rarely falls, if you know what i'm saying. >> this is one of the more active human beings. >> and strong. >> strong like bull. >> she is strong like bull. >> we have a fun segment coming up, and it's called friend-fluence. we have a quote. here it is. you are
, oddsmakers are already betting on whether will and kate's baby will be born on grandma princess diana's birthday. >>> plus, bill clinton and steven spielberg's big secret. we will reveal that for you next. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back. another chilly morning in california. l.a. starting off at 39 degrees but you're almost done with that really cool air you've been dealing with. temperatures in seattle and portland in mid-30s right now. we'll top out in the 30s. watch out for freezing fog in the pacific northwest. especially across the coast of oregon. and then it is going to be sunny right down into california. temperatures today in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow's even better. we should inch closer to 70 degrees in l.a. much needed warm air for that area. they couldn't really handle the cold air, the orange crops and everything, it's been brutal. >> when i lived there, i couldn't stand it when it went below 50 degrees. thanks a lot. >>> >>> well, it looks like tina fey and amy poehler may have a new annual gig. the hosting pair scored the highest rating
the animal spent in the cold water before rescue teams came there. with. bet he was awake after that one. >> he should have chosen the heated pool next door. >>> time for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on whether police can force suspected drunk drivers to have blood drawn. at issue is whether a blood test constitutes an unreasonable search. which is prohibited by the fourth amendment. >>> the world's oldest underground rail celebrates a milestone. the london tube opened in 1863 to help alleviate overcrowded streets. we know that here in new york. >>> and another birthday across the pond. catherine, the duchess of cambridge, celebrates her 31st birthday. duchess kate is expected to spend her birthday with family. happy birthday to her. >>> all day long stay on top of the stories and the best political analysis on msnbc. tonight, be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. and finally on the "today" show. matt goes one-on-one with new jersey governor chris christie about the state of the
of green bay are making a friendly wager on the game and this bet has an educational twist. if the 49ers win, green bay will sponsor special tours for hundreds of san francisco kids at the exploratorium when it opens at the new home at pier 15 in april. if the niners lose, san francisco will sponsor a free admission day at the children's museum of green bay a. if the game comes down a field goal, it will be a familiar face doing the kicking. jim harbaugh said his original guy, david akers is still his guy. despite missing a nfl high 13 field goals this season. >> okay, so only of us or most of us will be glued to the set watching the game. this is the bay area, so it would be that we are messing with our second screens, we have another way to follow the 49ers. welcome back, you were at ces in las vegas. >> by second screens we are talking about the mobile devices. tablets, lab tops, phones, all fairly standard to stay in touch with our social network while watching the game. i want to talk about an app called talk. here is what it looks like, you choose the game, based on the area that y
for the safe drive. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> reporter: you know, that's one riding experience where they only let you ride. they won't let you drive. the professional there for the obvious reasons. but there are about 80 other cars out here that you can test drive. you come out here to the mchenry convention center, and kick the tires. it's a non-sales pressure environment, in other words, no one here is trying to sell you a car. you can actually come in here, sit down and you're not going to be hassled. if you want to come to the show, it runs today through sunday, 10:00 to 10:00 every day. except on sunday, they go to 6:00. >> just looking. >>> meteorologist christina loren certainly not convertible weather. >> certainly not. you're going to get a windchill that you do not want to feel hitting you in the face. good morning to you. we do have a pretty good-looking day shaping up. most of the cloud cover is starting to clear out of the bay area. that means clear skies are going to lead to a very cold start tomorrow morning. we have lingering activity. it's very spotty. you can see f
, a newcomer gunned down. >> he hasn't even bet here. and i, i did see him the night before last. and you know, very polite. he was very polite to me. >> now the marin county sheriffs department has been out here all morning trying to interview witnesses, but so far they haven't released any suspect information to us. a couple of minutes ago, i spoke with a woman who said she was laviel's mother. very upset. she said one of the reasons he came here to visit the family, after someone shot at the home, he was hoping to help protect them. reporting live in marin city, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >>> okay, christie. thank you. we want to turn to the forecast. weekend forecast in particular. sunshine now, but certainly a chilly start to the day this morning from san francisco all the way to san jose. christina loren joins us with a look at the weekend. >> the weekend has arrived. and that's the good news, it's going to be cold. i wish i had some good numbers for you this weekend. not looking so good. it's cold out there right now, we're going to stay cold saturday and sunday. there's not a l
. another reason to be careful. diane? >> yes, thank you, scott. >> you bet. free stuff going on, interest fees are waved, in honor of the martin luther king,junior holiday. visitors will voluntary to pay for camping and lodging. >> surf is up, the window on the maverick competition will open up on sunday after all. weather conditions will have to line up just right to call the contest. the swell models are holding up and they need the wind to cooperate. organizers have is decided on the day, they have notified the world class surfs that will have to get to half moon bay from wherever they are in the world in time to get in the water. >> i love looking at the pictures and waves. incredible and it felt balmy today compared to the last couple of days. jeff, what is happening? >> it's officially, it was a little bit balmy out there, we had the humided levels up and temperatures warmer as well. as the radar scans around, no radar at this point at all, you may have to wait to parts of next week until we get rainfall on the radar, all about the wind today, it turned slightly off shore. while it'
of investigations which reportedly accounts for billions in illegal betting. >>> just ahead, robert redford's unchanged, and a big payday. plus back to the future now. check out this retro hovercraft. you're watching "early today." >> welcome back. good friday morning to you and what a nice weekend forecast we have for almost everyone. dry weather will prevail. spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend with these warm temperatures from southern california up into central california. not bad around portland either. very cold morning today and that will continue the trend. each morning i think we're getting warmer through the weekend. still dealing with freezing fog in the northwest. that's before 9:00 a.m. after that the sun should slowly break out. we're talking temperatures that are similar each and every day. what you have today you'll likely deal with all weekend long. that's usually good. >>> well, arnold said he would be back. "the last stand" marks arnold schwarzenegger's first leading role since 2003. that may not be enough for the box office win with jessica chastain's new horror fi
.coulding up, guys, maybe this is a good bet for you. speaking of this, guys, vintage san francisco items on sale from the 2010 world series championship. we have got this pennant here and there's a whole section of sporting goods for you, too. get a look at the weather maps. again, the white elephant sale here in oakland, the preview sale happening this sunday. you don't want to miss t all right, let's get a look at the doppler radar, scans around, you can see there is rainfall across the south bay and also the east bay. it is more moderate in nature. as we take a look at what we can expect here for the current temperature, plenty of 50s here across the board. 51 in livermore, low 50s san jose, the subtropical moisture tops here from the south. been a little bit more stubborn than we have had the past 12 to 18 hours. that's why it's slow to move that rain on out. we head to the next 48 hours, we are expecting another colder blast of air to come our way a mix of sun and also some clouds. going to be a real mixed bag here, we head into this upcoming weekend. as far as the morning forecast
another one when the match was over. s aazarenka bet li na from china after losing the first set and then winning the next two and met yet another trophy with a top player in women's tennis even if there was a little mistake on the trophy. next to her name was b.e.l. for belgium and she is from belarus which would be b.l.r. >>> now over to s.c.o., scotland in case you are wondering. the scottish tourism board is hoping the svelte looking shetland natives will entice tourists to visit during its year of natural scotland campaign. sporting custom made fair isle sweaters they're meant to encapsulate the natural beauty of scotland. >>> up next a program making a difference by showing families how to eat healthy and cheap. >>> for some families dinner time can mean a tough choice. eat healthy or stay on budget. that's where a program called cooking matters and its team of culinary professionals comes in. nbc's miguel almaguer shows us how they're making a difference. >> reporter: a working mother of two, married to an army staff sergeant and studying to become a nurse, these days she
kozimore, looking sharp and he will be reporting all week for us. the super bowl bet, dianne feinstein and barbara boxer made a wager. both cities known for crab, if the ravens win, we send them dungenous crab, sourdough bread, and if they win, they will send us baltimore beer. and crab cakes. here is terry white, he is a long time 49ers fan, he is going to his sixth super bowl. he has been to all of them now, courtesy of jed york. he received an e-mail from york and at first he thought it was fake. but it was true. he can thank the article that talked about his five previous super bowl trips. he was planning to watch this at home, now he is headed to the big easy. >> to go to six, i'm totally blessed. it's -- i'm still kind of in shock. to tell you the truth. i just didn't think it was going to happen. >> can you imagine getting tickets to the super bowl courtesy of the owner, white will be taking his friends' nephew to the game. the 49ers, in case you did not know, are 5-0 when it comes to super bowls. >> a good record. >> how would you like the monday after the super bowl to be a ho
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forget. >> maria, i know you made good on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this year?
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sunny and hazy the next couple days. air quality probably not bet they are weekend. to be a good next couple you may feel like you're sick but it could be that air quality. i'm no doctor but that's what some of the signs point to. monday, tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of cloud cover. no rain drops in the seven-day forecast. we're pushing that back till maybe next weekend. we'll have to see about this one. maybe we'll get a picture from jess at the concert. you never know. >> having a great time. >> she'll be dancing away. >> thanks, jeff. >> let's get to sports jim kozimor is here. look who i'm sitting next to, the expert of the 49ers. >> yeah, i'm so embarrassed by our picks last week, that i'm starting with baseball tonight. that's how embarrassed i am. all right, guys, let's get things going in sports. giants will partake in the upcoming world baseball classic with pagano and lopez suit up for puerto rico. romo will be playing for mexico. the venezuelan team will include marco security row along with pablo sandoval who apparently hasn't been feeling well. he is hospit
house would make any dog jealous and wish they were part of the first family. >> i bet he gets to travel any time on that plane. that is pretty nice. >> he would definitely like the big yard. >> why do you think america is so fascinated with him? >> i think it is just life that bo has, the life that he leads is pretty fascinating. >> he is just latest in a long line of presidential pets to capture attention. >> when the first family has a pet, it gives us a way to relate to the first family. that's something that is really endearing. >> arguably the most famous white house resident was george h.w. bush's springer spaniel, milly. her memoir was a best seller. her other was famous for another region. >> they started to know ranger h grew gaining so much weight. >> george w. bush's barney was the first to take the public on a dog's eye view of the white house with his popular barney cam. >> received more than 24 million hits the first day it was launched. >> it is time for barney cam. are you ready for it this year. >> other white house pets have become icons of their area. hoover's king tu
so hard and got so dirty in the cleanup, they got nicknamed the mud army. you can bet blah toons of them back in action this afternoon the platoon of volunteers. it will be a massive cleanup. >> thank you so much. >>> now here is matt. >>> savannah thank you. president obama hits the road to talk about immigration reform. the trip comes a day after a bipartisan group of senators unveiled their plan for dealing with the roughly 11 million undocumented people living here in the united states. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker with more. good morning. >> matt, good morning. president obama will give new details to the policies he first mapped out two years ago, and he will call on congress to pass on an immigration reform bill quickly. >> everybody in? >> reporter: president obama putting the spotlight on immigration reform today. a campaign promise echoed in his inaugural address. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> reporter: the president turning up the
probably just want to be a spectator at this point. that would be the safest bet. let's get out to the live hd camera network. we have a lot of haze here tonight. if you look directly up, you'll see the stars. it's just off towards the distance as area high pressure sits over us. it's helping to create poor air quality across most of the bay area. temperatures are also very cold at this hour. 34 in concord. 34 in santa rosa. for the first time in several nights, no 20s on the board. that's the large news. high pressure building offshore. that's going to continue to warm us up as we head throughout the next two days. it's not going to get hot. a little on the warm side, but for most of us it's going to be mild, yes, with a lot of sunshine. a lot of us are going to be thawing out throughout the next couple of days. let's look at who could hit 70 degrees throughout saturday. saratoga from 66 today to 70 on saturday. santa cruz from 61 to 70. even san jose could pop up to an estimated 68 by the first part of your weekend. tomorrow morning it will be chilly, upper 20s and low 30s with areas of p
francisco, it's brilliant, and for tomorrow, you can bet one amazing sunset coming our way. while the pollution has been bad, probably for your eyes, making your cough, all that stuff, it's going to provide quite a bit of color in the atmosphere. >> tomorrow, going to be hazy. a lot of sunshine, not only for saturday, but sunday and monday. and in fact for tomorrow, we're going to get in on 70 degree weather for a few spots you may not expect, at least this time of year. santa cruz going to 71. that's right, for saturday. 6 to 7 degrees above our averages, and it's not going to be the warmest day ever in january. that was 83 degrees set back in 1920, but it's going to be warm. 30 in santa rosa to start, 31 in napa, and 38 in los gatos, and 38 in santa cruz but climbing into incident. a huge jump from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. the warmest spot for saturday is in the south bay. 69 in los gatos. 71 in santa cruz and 70 in gilroy. those are the spots you want to be in if you want to enjoy the heat. the east bay, it will be cool to mild. st still going to struggle to get to the mid-60s. back
also saw a cool table-sized entry from intel. neither of these on the market just yet, but we bet you'll want to play games and surf on something the size of a bed. we mentioned mobile technology at the top of the show. when it comes to one of the world's biggest industries, video gaming, mobile is definitely the way to go. here's how some of the big evidence, hottest video game companies want you to take their games wherever you go. ces is further evidence that we love our mobile devices. >> products for -- >> maybe not as much as this guy, but gamers love their mobile devices. and now their favorite games are coming to them. this, for example, is the razor edge tablet. a way starting at about $1,000 to take all your games and computer functionality with you. >> the whole point is that it's a tablet, it's a p.c., it's a console. >> and it lets you play on the go. you no longer need a stand-alone console connected to your tv to play. now you can go anywhere. >> there's a lot of restrictions with a lot of tablets these days. there's -- i mean, they have games like angry birds, yes, tho
gets right in my face and says, "don't ever say anything to the president direct." >> reporter: bet you never did it again. >> never did it again. >> reporter: all these years, and charlie has never gotten a penny. four years from now, are you right back here? >> i am thinking about retiring when i'm 120. >> reporter: kate snow, nbc news, washington. >>> another break, and we'll be back with what al roker insists was the first interview with the newly reinaugurated president. he newly reinaugurated president. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites.
. even hearty minnesotans are feeling it. >> sure am. you bet. >> i think it's awfully cold. >> reporter: and reporters in subzero climbs have gotten creative. >> instant ice crystals. >> if you ever start to feel cold, a little chilly, think about your friends up in north dakota. that will sure warm you up. >> reporter: tonight, brian, many of us feel like we're all in north dakota, although there's nothing wrong with that. parents, however, may want to check with their children's schools tomorrow to make sure the classrooms are open. brian? >> kevin tibbles out in the cold of chicago tonight, thanks for that. >>> a look at the calendar reveals there are some major milestones all of which happened 40 years ago this week. richard nixon was inaugurated to a second term. former president lyndon johnson died at his ranch in texas. a peace deal was reached ending the war in vietnam. and the u.s. supreme court decided the case of roe versus wade, legalizing abortion. tonight, nbc's andrea mitchell looks at what has changed and what hasn't over the last 40 years. >> reporter: four decades afte
? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. >>> we've got things going in here, the house band. >> if you like the look of colin kaepernick's tattoos. >> you love them. >> i do. a shop has an unbelievable deal. >> allied ink is discounting full-color niners tattoos to the tune of $49. get it? the shop says usually those types of designs would run 120 bucks each. the event runs this friday and saturday from noon to 8:00 p.m. >>> and if you like kaep's look but you don't want to go under the needle. there's another option for you. go to they mimic the tattoos on his bicep. i did it. i have min waiting for me. >> i can't wait to see it on you. >> reports that kaepernick's jersey has been the best selling nfl jersey nationwide since the nfc playoff game against green bay. >> if you want all your 49ers stuff, check us out on we've got all your coverage there. we've got more people on the ground than anybody in the market. >> all day long. thanks so much for
reinvented in decades. i bet techcrunch would write the story thinking about how to leverage technology to build a more efficient business. >> in a lot of ways, you're the marketplace to put the people who need services and the people who can provide them together. isn't there a possibility that at some point the technology evolves to the point where they don't need you in the middle? where people can market more directly, market their services or market their needs to each other more directly? >> we have to create enough value on the platform to want to keep people there. if we are not doing that, we are not doing a good job. things like the vetting process we put our taskrabbits through, application process, a series of background checks, training program, we have this quality standard we hold high on the taskrabbit platform. there's also a whole payment flow that is protected and secure. that's one of the big ways that ebay secured people by having paypal underwrite and secure. >> that's value for the customer looking for the job and the person performing the job. i occasionally use
say they're not so sure. >> well, i'm a betting man. it will work two or three hours and go out again. >> reporter: residents expect another update from the management company tomorrow aft afternoon at 1:00. the city code enforcement department is expecting the same thing. by the way, we did check with the city code enforcement department. the management company here was cited in 2007 when they installed the boiler are for not having the proper paperwork. that has now been resolved but they have been crated for other code violations since then not related to the boil er. >> thank you, kris. >>> new details on the big tree that came crashing down onto a home in the north bay and also knocked down a power pole. pg&e restored power to some people but still about 30 customers are in the dark right now. the saturated ground from our recent storms being blamed for this. the tree took out the entire second floor of the house. a neighbor heard and felt all the commotion. >> you feel the ground. quite literally, yeah. i didn't know what it was. >> pretty alarming just to look at the video. tha
over the holidays. officials believe california is next. officials say the best defense against betting the flu is the flu shot and it is not too late to get it. the peak time is february. >>> san francisco hits the top of the market when it comes to the hethiest cities. -- healthiest cities. san francisco is in the number one spot. they used 33 factors to measure the health of 100 cities. salt lake city is number two. followed by san jose, boise, and burglingten, vermont. >>> a bill of rights for homeless people. the bill calls for the right to move freely and rest in public spaces, use public bath rooms and it would require cities to provide legal representation for people sited for panhandling. >> helps get people out of the situation and helps people be able to maintain and survive. >> few groups come out against the bill but it will get more attention when it is heard in the assembly. >>> average u.s. rates on fixed mortgages moved closer to record lows. the average rate on a 30 year loan slide 3.334%. 15 year ticked down to 2.64%. lower mortgage rates made home buying more afforda
on $5 million bet. lance armstrong sitting down with oprah to admit he cheated? with oprah to admit he cheated? we have dr. sanjay gupta.
. >> yeah. >> what kind of changes they want to make. >> i bet so many people it's losing weight. they want to lose weight. >> yeah. >> there's actually a new app that's out. is that correct? >> this is a cool thing. this is the kind of deal where you punch in your height, your weight, and how much weight you want to lose over what kind of a period of time, and you type it in this app, and it's called my fit they say this is the number one app for weight loss. it breaks it down to how many calories you need to eat per day to get your goal by whatever time you would like to reach your goal. >> i thought that was cool. >> you don't really have to think about it. you put the info in, and it follows it for you. >> you put your food in. they calculate the calories. you know how many more calories you have before the end and that. i don't think i'm disciplined enough to punch everything in, and i think if i even wrote down what i eat over the course of a day -- >> you would be freaked out. >> i would be disgusted with myself. >> you are not a big eater. >> i am. you know what i'm big on?
. >> oh, my. >> raj is going to talk to you after the show. he and i want to place a bet with that. >> we need to discuss that. >> over or under? >> for a full half hour of local -- >> it's over. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage if we can get through this, watch comcast "sportsnet central" tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment. >>> a president and a ship wreck were the big winners at the academy award nominations today. >> actor seth mcfarlane and emma stone announced the nom he's. "lincoln" was the clear winner with 12 nominations while life ofpy" came away with 11. rounding out the list for best picture, "beasts of the southern wild," "zero dark thirty," "amour," "lincoln," "life of pi." the zpler lining playbook, jiang go unchained and ar goh go". >> for the complete list of nominees go to and search the key word oskar. before the cos cars, if you're in the movies and showbiz you know all about this, golden globes right here on nbc bay area sunday night. you can experience the show in a whole new way. download the ap called zbox and use it to interact wit
canet back to watching people who are skating, not the two of us. >> you can bet that hockey back in the bay area will be thrilled this morning. without hockey, bars and restaurants empty that are usually busy before and after the games. some businesses were down anywhere from 40% to 50% since the lockout began. a number they hope now will turn around. >>> coming up at 7:00, on "today in the bay," a bay area lawmaker who is pushing for stricter gup control gets racist threats. what we know about the threats and how the lawmaker is handling them. that, and all your top stories at 7:00. right now, let's head back to the "today" show. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> we'r
people are wondering bets b what's going to happen. >> justin bieber, this was kind of a surprising picture. there's a photo that tmz had. if you look closely it looks like he is smoking something. >> tmz claims he is smoking marijuana in this picture. >> he is holding something. >> he is holding something in his hand. there's no way you can actually tell what's going on here. however, what's nice news is that a couple of days ago justin did a concert in utah, and before the concert he went to a hospital to see a young fan of his that has been battling leukemia for three years and -- he does not do this because of these pictures. he has been doing this for a long time. he doesn't tell the press about it. the only reason we know is that they took a picture in her hospital room. she put it on facebook. >> his mom, patty is a dear, dear faithful lady who has raised him under really extraordinary circumstances. >> absolutely. >> he knows what's right and wrong, and he said that -- >> he tweeted. >> yeah. >> he is on the right path. we have nothing to worry about there. >> bethenny frank
career. he bet on a game and banned for life. what does he think about lance armstrong's confession. he has a brand-new reality show. >> along with his fiance. kianna. >> let's go inside with natalie with a check on all the headlines. >> good morning again, matt, savannah, al. new developments in algeria. ties to al kade at that took dozens of hostages including americans. 20 hostages including americans escaped but militants are claiming algerian helicopters opened fire killing dozens of hostages and kidnappers. some hostages are still held at the remote gas facility in algeria. >>> boeing's new 787 dreamliner plane is now grounded in the u.s., europe, japan and india. there's concern that a lithium ion battery can overheat and cause a fire. it caused al nippon to make an emergency landing. it's under investigation by the federal aviation administration. >>> president obama is facing gop opposition after unveiling his $500 million gun control package. acting in response to the shooting rampage in newtown, connecticut, the president called on congress to ban the sale of military style w
new year, sweetie. >> i'm going to make some money because i have a bet as to how many you're going to get right. >> this could be complicated, though. >> before we get to the quiz, there was an interesting statistic that showed that young adults actually had more credit card debt than their parents. i find that hard to believe for some reason. >> you shouldn't find that hard to believe because the truth of the matter is they're graduating college with more student loan debt than they have any idea. they don't have a job. they can't pay back their student loan debt. what are they going to do? they're living off of their credit cards, which makes sense. >> let's play. >> and incurring more debt. >> are you ready? >> we are. >> not really. >> drum roll, please. >> come on. >> how much less will your paycheck be this month? >> 4%. >> 2%? 4.2% 6.2%? >> 2%. >> one right. one right. okay. what is the maximum amount that each of you could put into a 401k plan this year? $17,500? $23,000? $30,000? >> $30,000. >> wrong. >> you are at $17,500. you are at $23,000. >> do you know how much i mak
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president and director for foreign policy at the brookings institute, martin indyk, on some of the big bets president obama is making during his second term in foreign policy. that's on [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg and more interior room than corolla and civic and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169 per month lease on a new nissan sentra, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. deliver
of new york and o'malley are betting their efforts on gun control could propel presidential bids of their own. still the republican field is up in the air. >> america cannot afford four more years of this. >> after parting ways with fox news, sarah palin said she will expand her voice in the national discussion and hasn't shut any doors. and new jersey governor chris christie already friended mark zuckerberg. >> 1,380 days left to go, erica, not that anybody is keeping track. >> only 1386? >> 80. >> thanks. david, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> we just heard paul ryan, who of course was on your show saying republicans need to avoid being stamped as villains. republicans have to stop being the stupid party. there's a lot of soul searching going on at this point. do you envision the message being much different in 2016 for the republicans? >> well, i think what paul ryan is alluding to is a deeply held view among republican leaders in washington at least that the president is not really done with reelection. he wants to achieve political con kept over the political party.
did what she had to do. >> you're proud of her? >> oh, absolutely. you bet. >> if she doesn't fight back, he doesn't get stabbed. >> yeah. >> then he has no wounds for anyone to notice, and the tip never comes in about him. i mean she caught him. >> yeah. amazing. good for mickey. >> for charlie, it had been an excruciating three-month journey. she had achieved her goal of bringing mickey home. now it was time to mourn. >> lavergne took a lot from your family. what did he take for you? >> my entire future. he rearranged my whole past. he took that whole life away from me. it's different now. took my best friend away. my little sister. >> on a very wet fall afternoon, weeks after lavergne was led away to spend the rest of his life in prison, mickey's friends and family who had all worked so hard to find her gathered to celebrate her life. >> the community was so involved, we kind of wanted to have a big memorial, which turned into a life celebration. >> that you all for coming out here. i know mickey still is feeling the love. >> there was food, dancing, and music. there was also, of
. this president's moving too fast. >> john, nice to see you this morning. thank you. >> you bet. >>> and once again, here's lester. >> erica, thanks. >>> the federal government says boeing's new 787 dreamliner is safe to fly even though there have been a series of well-reported problems with the cutting-edge aircraft model this week. it's a humiliating setback for boeing. we get the latest from correspondent tom costello. >> reporter: in san jose friday, the newest 787 dreamliner entered service for japan's nippon airways, the same airline which the same day also reported one of its 787s had developed a crack on a cockpit window. the latest in a string of embarrassments for boeing's state-of-the-art aircraft. the faa says it will conduct a thorough review of its power, electrical and battery systems. >> through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> reporter: the events have been mounting. on tuesday, a japan airlines 787 had to turn back to the gate after a fuel leak spilled 40 gallons onto the runway in bos
. people who know me will say one thing, don't ever bet with this man. i don't like to lose money. i don't, and i'll bet you on this one. >> spoken like a gambler who might haven combo t eknown the . the question is whether john mcafee would ever be forced to sit face-to-face with homicide detectives. >> coming up -- >> if you want to make this a fall -- >> our strangen counter with the mysterious mr. mcafee is not over yet. wait until you hear what he's up to now and coming up next friday on "dateline," a whole new chapter in the comic book murder, volume 2. fun place, a comic bookstore, but not that night. >> he said somebody was killed. >> a crime cold for decades. >> an adulterer is a person who has done evil thing, but that does not necessarily make him a murderer. >> a determined prosecutor. >> that was a case solved for my dad. >> and a mystery with so many head-snapping twists and turns it would take two trials to uncover the truth. >> michael george fell prey to the two issues most known to common man, sex and money. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids
confident in a recent interview with nbc's brian williams. >> don't bet against us, brian. don't bet against us. we are constantly innovating, we are constantly looking around the corner. we constantly want to make the world's best products. >> reporter: it is a very tough field. ask blackberry. the shelf life for anything tech cool is about three to six months and globally samsung is expected to sell more smart phones this year than apple. cnbc's tech reporter john forte. >> i would say samsung is achieving a level of cool they hadn't had before. whether they're able to steal apple's thunder remains to be seen. >> reporter: apple versus the android system. >> apple was just a lot easier to use for me. >> i have a samsung galaxy ii. i love it. >> i'm more on the google side of things. >> apple holds a lot of cache with me. >> reporter: cache and cool, when it comes to gadgets, two very important factors. you hear it over again. innovation, innovation. that's how apple stayed on top. savannah, back over to you. >> tom costello, thank you so much. >>> we told you earlier on in the show that we
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